As part of the Australian Government’s healthcare reforms, changes are being made to the structure of the Department of Social Services (DSS), including the introduction of a Data Exchange (DEX). The DSS Data Exchange serves to provide a standardised, prioritised and collaborative reporting process for service providers, streamlining the entire process and cutting some of the red tape preventing optimum care for those in need.

The DEX has a mandatory set of data entry requirements, including birth date, gender and Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander status, yet it also has a set of optional reporting requirements. These obligation-free requirements can be completed in exchange for more relevant and meaningful reports from the Department.

The DEX allows for bulk uploads and access through a web-based portal, however this in itself will be time-consuming for providers, who will have to manually enter in each item of information in the appropriate sections. However, the DEX also allows for system to system transfers, which is where comes in - we’re working on an integration system that will allow your client’s data to automatically be uploaded into the DSS DEX, saving service providers time that can now be spent providing further care.

At this point in time, there are no systems available that collect all the necessary data and can report it to the DSS; is aiming to be the first to automate this process, so providers can focus on achieving better outcomes for their clients. If you are part of an organisational service provider, get in contact with us today to find out if is right for you.