If you’re a service provider of a Commonwealth Home and Community Care Program - HACC, National Respite for Carers Program - NRCP , Day Therapy Centre Program - DTC or Assistance with Care and Housing for the Aged Program - ACHA, then you know that you’ll need to become mapped under the new Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) structure. This process is essential, as it will change the way that you’ll deliver these programmes, as your contracted programme data will now form part of the CHSP taxonomy in the My Aged Care provider portal. This update will occur automatically, but we recommend that you’ll take some time to understand what the process entails.

Why a New Taxonomy?

The new CHSP taxonomy aims to provide a much more streamlined and easier to understand segmentation of services for clients, removing the potential for them to make errors by choosing the wrong sub-category. An example of this would be the traditional services provided under the Care Relationships and Carer Support Sub-Programme. In the past, clients would be presented with the following choices:

  • HACC Respite
  • Flexible Respite
  • NRCP In-home Day Respite
  • NRCP Host Family Day Respite
  • NRCP In-home Night Respite
  • NRCP Host Family Night Respite
  • NRCP Mobile Respite
  • NRCP Other Planned Respite
  • NRCP Community Access – individual respite

Under the new system, clients now can simply choose the overarching category ‘Flexible Respite’ in the portal, avoiding the potential for selection and billing errors to be made.

Is Your Information Accurate?

To do your part to make this selection as easy as possible for clients, you’ll need to ensure that when you cross over into the My Aged Care provider portal under a different taxonomy, that your listed information accurately reflects the services you’re providing to clients.

Many service providers never log into the My Aged Care provider portal to review this information after transitioning, failing to make crucial updates that could impact their operations.

If you’ve logged on and spotted an error or omitted information, it’s easy to get it changed and to have the additional CHSP services you provide listed as a service you deliver. All you need to do is use the change request function offered. Detailed steps are outlined in the My Aged Care Provider Portal User Guide – Part One, which you can find here.

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