The DEX reporting period is fast approaching! How will you submit yours?

The DEX reporting deadline is on January 31st 2018. If you are a community organisation that is not using an online case management system, the Christmas break is probably your biggest headache! With only 30% of community organisations using automatic reporting systems, chances are you are dreading this reporting period. And we’re betting the last thing you want to be doing at Christmas is admin…

The drawbacks of paper-based entry systems:

  • Overworked administrative staff who are scrambling to complete manual reports on time
  • Server time-outs as a surplus of organisations leave it to the last minute to file their reports and slow down or crash the DSS reporting portal
  • Improperly configured reports, missing, or incorrect data can slow funding and put additional strains on your organisation.

Advantages of online reporting and case management solutions

  • Automate your DEX reporting at the touch of a button
  • One place to manage your team and clients helping you organise and streamline your organisation
  • Save time by eradicating manual processes and excess administration
  • Transparent and effective communication providing a better experience for staff and clients.

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