In October we unveiled new features that significantly enhance support workers’ experience using in the field. New mobile-ready features make it easy for users to get quick access to important case information. Care plans, safety checks, and progress notes are just a few taps away. Our light and easy platform lets staff concentrate on what they like best - sharing a cup of tea and checking in on their favorite clients.

Many support workers worry that software requirements will take up all of their time and interfere with client care. Using, support workers find schedules are easier to keep up with, record keeping is reduced, and unnecessary trips to the office avoided. Best-in-class technology means staff can update 20 case, upload 10 videos, and still use less data than streaming 15 seconds of video. Technically speaking, a full day of use equals 2.9 MB of mobile plan data usage, or less than 1/10th of a gigabyte each month.

Other key points that make users happy:

  • works on practically any mobile device. Equipped with a web browser, minus IE of course, users with an internet connection can get their appointment schedule, file progress notes, and update client CHSP, DEX and/ NDIS records automatically from the field.
  • Taking notes in the field makes a more accurate client record. When you are empowering staff with reliable, convenient data tools, you get a more accurate client record. Reduce the chance that important information gets lost or forgotten.’s mobile interface is easy to see and use. home on your home on your desktop home on your home on your desktop

In this close-up view of the powering mobile interface, we see how users favorite quick info grabs are contained in the new chevron tab. UX design chief Alex Ramos says this new menu helps users familiar with the desktop interface feel comfortable in the mobile space as the release of the quick-grab favorites to the top of the feed is a feature popular on virtually every social site. "It takes virtually zero training for users to understand how to excel on mobile" says Ramos.

If you’re interested in learning more about, please contact our team to ask a question or organise a free demo.