As the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) and CHSP (Commonwealth Home Support Program) reforms are underway service providers will need to revisit CRM (client relationship management) systems. It is common practice for service providers to use multiple cloud based providers to organise staff with ResourceGuru, document client notes, store best practice procedures on Quip or OneDrive or Dropbox and not to mention different forms of communication across the organisation - I replied to your mail - said Michelle - with a message on WhatsApp on Saturday 3am, didn’t you see it?

How do you know where to start looking for a secure cloud CRM that you can trust, easy to use and a cost effective solution for small business service providers?

Some key considerations that service providers should ask when looking for a cloud CRM are:

  • Does it offer functions such as case management, rostering and integration with NDIS and DEX portals?
  • Does it have the ability for team collaboration?
  • Does it allow sharing of records with the client, family members and other organisations?
  • Can security and access outside the organisation be guaranteed?
  • Can it provide my organisations financial and human resources metrics?

We believe offers the best cloud software solution to all these questions. is based off social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to allow for the best collaboration tools between staff such as a data feed display area. is powered by the same technology used by PayPal and infrastructure as Commonwealth Bank assuring the utmost privacy for your clients but also makes it easy to share information across service providers and family members. The recent implementation of NDIS upload and DEX system-to-system transfers allows efficiencies for to take care of the administration so your staff can concentrate on the care.

If you’re interested in learning more about, please contact our team to ask a question or organise a free demo.