Your disability aged care business needs a case management system that’s heavy on person-centred planning and also revolves around participants. While is the best-case management system on the market, you’ll need to pair it with other systems. Here’s how to pick the best software solutions for your new disability aged care business.

We believe that it’s better to evaluate an option’s ROI rather than its upfront cost. You can also look at the following factors: - Price – If you employ part time workers, a price per user system is expensive, and can force you to “cheat” the system by creating one user for multiple people. - Relationship structure – is it centred around retail or online product interactions or community care? - Security – is it secure enough to store private client information? Easy to use – is it easy for everyone use, with training programs, materials and support function available in the right time zones without a support desk delay? - Integration – is it built with application platform integrations in mind? Your point of view – is it a service provider favourite and do you currently employ it for invoicing, payroll or more?

Here are some of the applications we believe support growing businesses:

For accounting: Xero

Xero integrates into your bank account for reconciling (or matching records), receipts, and payments. It also creates invoices that match against your bank cashflows, and offers cashflow management tools to forecast business activities.

For communication and storage: Google Apps

Google Apps is a solid platform that not only allows custom email accounts, office products (spreadsheets, docs), and a shared drive, but also has video conferencing and messenger capabilities in Google Hangouts.

For CRM: Agile

Agile offers email automation and templates, tracks all client communication activity from any email account, and creates landing pages that can be connected to your Google Analytics account. This is a bit more advanced, but offers incredible and effective campaign measurement.

For marketing: Mailchimp

Mailchimp offers beautifully designed email templates that are easy to use for marketing automation to drive business traffic.

Need more information on support coordinator case management software? Check out our blog or talk to one of our customer service representatives. An all in-one solution can supercharge your efficiency as your disability aged care business grows.