As the landscape becomes more competitive in the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) and CHSP (Commonwealth Home Support Program) marketplace, service providers will need innovative ways to be of value for clients. A logical approach can be as simple as service providers collaborating as a team. This makes sense as it supports the approach for customised care plans.

One of the pain points to support collaboration boils down to sharing of information between service providers. How can service providers collaborate more effectively to save time, duplication and money?

Please step into the digital world of healthcare innovation - social media meets secure payment platforms. Leveraging the benefits of both platform features this will revolutionise group collaboration tools to serve disability, aged and other vulnerable people in our care. is a cloud based collaboration and client relationship management (CRM) platform accessible on any portable device.

At, based off the premise that ‘conversation is caring’ the platform allows for multiple service providers to share information and have real time conversations, just like Facebook and Twitter. is powered by the same technology used by PayPal and infrastructure as Commonwealth Bank assuring the utmost privacy for your clients but also makes it easy to share information across service providers and family members. There is multi-layered access for individuals in other organisations so any proprietary information of your organisation is kept confidential. also believes in transparency to the client, so they can access their own information and give access to any family members. by Pnyx allows you to streamline your daily care management and reporting efforts, so you have the time and energy to focus on important tasks like attracting new clients and providing high quality care. Learn more about

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