We’ve been making some small design changes around the system lately, but we’ve also been hard at work behind the scenes, listening to your feedback - and now, we’ve released another giant update! We’ve heard your voices, and have redeveloped our User Roles, including clarifying the capabilities and names of each Role, redeveloping Organisational Roles, and - we’ve given you a new way to change the Roles of your Staff Members, in all their Circles!

Your Roles in Circles will remain the same, however no longer will Organisational Roles be listed as Coordinators, Admins, Providers and Aids, as in Circles. These Roles have been replaced by Managers, Staff and Volunteers, and at the release of this update, all users with the former Role of Coordinator and Admin will be reissued with a Manager Role, Providers will become Staff, and Aids will become Volunteers.

These are huge changes; you now have an accurate way to title Staff Members, including Volunteers. Additionally, you were previously required to enter each individual Circle and change the Role of a Staff Member manually. Now, by entering the Profile of a Staff Member as an Admin, you can view a list of the Circles they are a member of, and change their Role in that Circle - all in the one screen!

Not only is this guaranteed to be a huge time-saver, but it also gives you an added level of organisational and user management abilities - by being able to see which Circles your team belongs to, you can better monitor any unauthorised access, and easily change their roles, giving them more or less abilities. We’ve created a guide on how to use these new tools - click here to learn about the new roles, or click here to discover your new User-Circle management capability! We’re working on a stack of other updates as well, including NDIS connectivity, so stay tuned!