This article will give you instructions on how to give and manage access to your organisation’s staff to a client’s Circle of Care and control their level of access.

Secure Access rights are one of the most important features of; all data within the system is secure, and only accessible with the correct, manageable permissions. Staff members should be added into the Circles of clients they work with, in order to keep information as up to date as possible, and record all events related to the client. This is another aspect of the collaborative nature of; if one team member misses something, it can be caught by another member, and the client will benefit.

While this can seem like a chore for managers, it’s incredibly important to ensure the protection of sensitive information in the event that you are audited. aims to make this process simple for you.

Circle's access

Access is managed within a Circle’s Access menu. Note that it can only be changed by an Admin or Coordinator. Here, you can see the Access matrix, where you can see who has Access to what within this Circle.

Adding Staff to Circles

Step 1. Go to the Circle

The quickest way to access a Circle is to click on Circles on the top grey bar. If you don’t see the Circle on the list, search for it by name. If you are unable to find the Circle on this list it means you are not part of that particular Circle, you need to ask the Admin to grant you access.

Step 2. Go to the Access Screen

Click on Access on blue Circle’s menu at the top. And you will see the team representing your organisation with their different roles and levels of access. There click on Add New User to add a new staff member to the circle.

Access section on a Circle of Care

Step 3. Add a New Staff Member

To add a new Staff Member to this Circle, enter their name or full email address into the search. If their account does not come up, check the email address again, or if they do not have a account, you will need to create one for them.

Select the Staff Memeber by clicking the Add button.

Select staff member form

Step 4. Assigning Roles to Staff

You need to assign a Role in this Circle to the Staff Member. If they directly provide a service to the client (e.g. a nurse), they are a Provider. If they provide a service but do not need access to personal information (e.g. a gardener), they are an Aid. Coordinators have full access to everything in the Circle, and Admins only need basic access. For more information about roles on the Circle of Care go to Circles’s Roles.

Roles of Organisation staff in a Circle

The checkboxes in the matrix determine if a person with that particular Role has Access to the particular item. You can’t assign different Access levels to two different people with the same Role. Note that any changes made will appear on each person’s Home Screen, for the sake of transparency, and to prevent unauthorised changes from being undone and the perpetrator held accountable. You are welcome to make changes with the proper authority.

You’ve added in a new team member and learned about changing Access, that’s awesome! Well done.

Removing Staff from Circles

Removing a staff member is very simple, just follow the steps below,

Step 1. Go to the Circle

Step 2. Go to the Access Screen

Step 3. Select the Staff Member

Click on the staff icon from the list.

Step 4. Remove Member

On the Edit Membership/Role window click on Remove Member.

Roles of Organisation staff in a Circle