Tired of spending your Sundays catching up on administrative tasks? We’re sure you’d rather be spending time with family or friends, instead of spending hours pouring over NDIS Bulk claims uploads and recording each support line item reference number to make a valid claim. In this blog, we’re going to show you how to get your free time back by using Comm.care software to create an itemised invoice of services that you’ve provided to your NDIS participating clients.

We’re sure you already know that under your service agreement, you should provide the nature, quantity, and price of the services you provide. You’ll also know that when invoicing, you’ll list these services as either provided, cancel, or a no show. This will determine whether or not you can charge for a service, and because of this the NDIS participant has the right to obtain access to these details.

We’ve created person-centred software and reporting tools for community organisations and businesses that allow you to track and record each billable moment, from email queries and phone calls, to other service providers, enabling you to extract the information into a customised and itemised invoice.

Now you don’t have to worry about having to jot things down on paper or phone reminders ever again. Comm.care records this for you!

How to create your itemised NDIS participant invoices

To create your NDIS invoices, first navigate to ‘Activity Report; under ‘Organisation Reports’.

Activity reports

Next, set the date bracket you want to generate the invoices for. You can also filter your report by how the supports will be paid. In the example below, the report is only showing activities delivered against plans where ‘NDIS will pay my support provider directly’. You can also filter by self-managed plans or where supports will be paid by a plan management provider. Being able to use this feature relies on classifying how a support will be paid within the service roadmap for each circle.

Generated report to create invoices for NDIS

Next, export your selection to a CSV file and open in your chosen spreadsheet software, such as Excel, Google Sheets or Numbers.

Generated report to create invoices for NDIS

Once you have your CSV file open you can find the relevant rows you are looking for and simply copy and paste them into your invoice. See the example below within Excel. Or you can copy the data to your preferred invoicing software tool such as Freshbooks, Xero, Clickbooks, MYOB and so on. A professional-looking invoice not only helps to legitimise your business, it helps you to get paid. You can download our free invoice template to help you create professional-looking invoices.

Generated report to create invoices for NDIS

So there you have it in a couple of minutes you can create invoices for all your clients keep the business in order and still have time to enjoy your Sunday! Remember that as a service provider, you’re required to keep full and accurate records of supports provided to NDIS participants. You can find more information on this - and how we allow third parties to access this information - HERE.

If you want to find out more about how you can win back your free time, contact us today.

Do you use an accounting system to make the invoices? Which one? Xero, MYOB, QuickBook, WaveApp? Would love to hear from you!