A progress note is legal documentation of services provided by your Organisation to your client. We made it easy for staff to create progress notes with only one click. To create a progress note, follow the easy steps below:

Step 1. Create your frequent circle list.

Go to Circles, and click on the star to add circles to your list. The star is located right next to the circle’s picture.

Step 2. Create a Progress Note

Go back to the Home page. On the far right you will see the My Frequent Circles list you just created. Click on “Progress Note”.

Step 3. Complete Progress Note

Complete the fields within the Progress Note. Make sure you complete these as a minimum so your Manager will love you! - Provided this is a drop down list to select if the care was: Provided, No Show, or Cancel - Time and Date of occurrence of the service - Related Service, Quantity and Fees charged from the Roadmap - Attendees: this is a drop down list to select who was attending - Other fields, depending on the service type (NDIS, or DSS) Comm.care will show you their related fields.

Remember, one of the great benefits of Comm.care is that the support workers can enter their progress notes on the road, no need to go back to the office and handling numerous Excel spreadsheets and Word documents. When the support workers create a progress note, Comm.care will use this information for reporting purposes for the NDIS Bulk upload, invoicing or DSS DEX interface for CHSP funded aged care services.