We’ve been a little quiet recently, but don’t fret, we’re simply hard at work making some behind-the-scenes changes to Comm.care, all to help improve your user experience and make Comm.care the one-stop shop for all your case management needs.

You might have noticed we’ve completely revamped our website and changed our colour scheme from black to white; further changes will be coming, including the much-asked for addition of a Frequently Asked Questions page - let us know what you think!

Within the software, a major change is that we have moved our infrastructure over to the IBM Data Centre based in Sydney, giving Comm.care performance increases and much faster loading times for you. We’re also making some smaller initial changes to accommodate for the upcoming NDIS and DSS integration.

We’ve updated the Calendar, and stopped recurring appointments from clogging up your News Feeds - now only one entry is made for all recurrences. We’ve also improved the Timeline and added images and logos to organisation and Circle listings, to better help you differentiate between them. Also, our mailer has been updated, to allow you to further customise which emails you’d like to receive from us, and Mozilla Firefox compatibility has been improved.