Pnyx is based out of a co-location work hub, Launchpad part of Western Sydney University an“incubator” that allows entrepreneurs to work side-by-side at bases in Parramatta, Penrith and Liverpool.

Recently reported on Project Sydney - Green light to cutting red tape at the Daily Telegraph the NSW Innovation minister, Matt Kean has made a commitment to reduce the red tape to support start-up and small businesses to rival successful innovation cities like San Francisco. This means for a start-up like Pnyx a life line to allow for greater innovation.

The team is made up of Juan Pereyera, founder who had seen an opportunity to use technology for greater communication and collaboration in the community care sector. An area he was already familiar with while working at Department of Social Services as a technology architect. Pamela Sue joined in 2016 as a business development manager to support Juan’s innovation and bring it to life. The team are also made up of a senior developer based in Melbourne, a product developer in Argentina and lead test engineer in Mumbai. The diversity of experience, skills and cultures has contributed to product offering as a collaboration tool designed by dedicated professionals that each member have added their influences.

Pnyx continues to develop and grow as the reforms with NDIS and My Aged Care will continue to carve out a new and changing landscape. Juan Pereyra can see that social collaboration is the key towards leading to this social change and shift in community and aged care. team are also excited about offering new features such as a “one click” button to create legal documentation for support care coordinators as they are rapidly adopting to meet the demands for participants increased choices and control of their outcomes. Such developments are easier to implement with a diverse team and being supported by NSW innovation policies it’s easy to see why.