A Circle of Care is the place where you will find everything related to a person (your Client). There is one Circle for each Client, within which you and other users will find the latest events, appointments, documents and services provided, as well as the other people that look after your Client.

Organisation's list of Clients

On the Circles section under your organisation you will find all the Circles that the organisation is providing services regardless if you can access inside the it or not. This allows you to search for Circles and avoid creating duplicates.

The Filter by box on the right allows you to search for Circles by name or filter them based on their Status or Services provided. Also note the options on Advance Search where you can filter the Circles based on the information inside Circle like Gender, Aboriginal status, etc. Finally the Export to CSV button allows you to export the basic client information on a CSV - Excel format to be used for email list or other options.

Create Circles of Care

Step 1. Go to your organisation area

The quickest way to go to your organisation is to click on Organisations on the top bar and select your organisation.

Step 2. Go to the Circles List

Click on Circles from the Organisation’s menu at the top.

Step 3. Add a new Circle

Once in your organisation’s Circles screen, click on the Add new Circle button on the top right. This would bring up the Add new Circle form; - Title: the name the client is recognised by, usually is the client’s name. - Snapshot: a brief summary of the client, and then click “Save changes”.

Step 4. Complete Circle’s details

Now would be the best time to upload a photo for this Circle. We believe that the best way to identify people is by their face. This is why we encourage you to upload a photo to the circle’s profile. If you don’t want to upload a person’s photo, you can upload any other image that represents that person.

Person's profile in the Circle of care

Step 5. Complete Contact details

Enter the person’s contact information, and then click “Save changes”.

Address Name: You can add multiple address for the Circle by clicking the “+” symbol to the right, and name each address to differentiate them. Telephone: You can also add multiple telephone numbers for the Circle by clicking the “+” symbol to the right.

Congratulations you have created a Circle of Care and enter the client’s information in the profile, now you can:

  1. Add your services to the Roadmap
  2. Add members and give them access
  3. Create new appointments