Due to the nature of their business, health care organisations have to manage a large number of staff including full time employees, part timers, contractors and volunteers. Ensuring proper management of levels of access is important to ensure your business is not impacted negatively by audits that might uncover ex-employees having access to the private and sensitive client information within Comm.care.

Comm.care allows you to easily manage your staff and volunteers, creating users and managing their level of access. Access to information can be granted according to their roles, ensuring they are active members of the care of your clients.

This article will provide steps and tips for managing your staff and levels of access.

Table of Contents:

Getting to the Staff Area in Comm.care

All of the staff access is managed in your organisation’s staff area. The quickest way to get there is to click on Organisations in the top bar, and then select your organisation. Next, click on Staff from the Organisation’s menu at the top.

Organisation staff list screen

Create Users for Your Staff and Volunteers

Once you are in the Staff area inside your organisation, click on Create new Colleague in the top right to bring up the ‘Create new user wizard’.

Step 1. Search for registered user

Enter the staff email address and click on Find to check if the user is already register in Comm.care.

Find existing users

If there is not a user registered to that email address, click on Create a New User

Create new user screenshot

Step 2. Create New User

You should add relevant information to the user’s profile, such as skills or languages spoken. Comm.care will allow you to search by these types of variables within your staff and volunteers based on the information you enter in their profile.

The best way to identify people is by their face. We encourage you to upload a photo. You can quickly upload a photo by dragging a new one into the circle, if there is a photo already click on the red “x” to remove it.

New user profile

Use Skills enter trained skills for certifications like;

  • First Aid Certificate
  • Disability Work Cert. 3
  • Health Services Cert. 3
  • Work with children Check

Interests are perfect to better manage and align volunteers with your clients’ interests and hobbies. You can use tags like;

  • Sports
  • Photography

Each entry has to be separated by commas ” , “

Note that Address and Telephones are only shown to users with a Managers role to protect privacy.

Community Visitor Scheme (CVS)

The CVS Program Coordinator will match a volunteer with a resident of an aged care facility based on interests, hobbies, back ground and life experiences. You will more than likely need to manage a large number of staff if your organisation is part of Community Visitors Scheme (CVS) under the Australian Government subsidised aged care services.

Step 3. Add Access to the Organisation

Once the user has been created click on the Edit user role button on the new user and give him or her an appopiate role within the organisation.

User access in the organisation

Check out our document on Organisation’s Roles in Comm.care.

Congratulations! You have created your first user. Now you can add all the other users for your staff and volunteers.

Manage Staff Access Across Multiple Circles

Now that you have created a user for your staff member and given him or her a role in your organisation, it is time to give them access to the Circles of Care. You can also manage the access of a staff member across multiple circles by going to Organisation - Staff and clicking on the Edit user roles on multiple circle icon .

Edit user roles on multiple circle

From here you can;

  • Search for a Circle to add the staff member to it,
  • Update the roles of the user in all the circles they belong to
  • Or click on the red broken link icon to remove the member from the Circle.

Remove Members

When a member of the organisation leaves, you have to remove their access to your clients information and the organisation in general. This is critical to maintaining the organisations’ acreditation and certifications.

Step 1. Remove the User From the Circles

From the Staff area inside your organisation, click on the first icon Edit user roles on multiple circle and then remove the user from all the circles they belong to by clicking on the red broken link.

Edit user roles on multiple circle

Step 2. Remove the User From the Organisation

Once the user doesn’t belong to any Circle click on the second Edit user roles icon go to Edit and then then click on Remove member.

Note: you are NOT deleting the user account, just removing the user from your organisation. If you think the user should be removed from Comm.care altogether, please contact us at team@comm.care.