This is the first in a series of blogs on how can reduce the administrative burden that comes with running a business. The intention of report module is to extract information on services provided, staff metrics and assist in reporting this data into the NDIA portal. will store and maintain a participants’ static data such as identification numbers and personal details and NDIS reference data such as Support item numbers. The integration of this data is what software is exceptional at doing. This results in an efficient and an error free process of recording such monotonous information.

To make this really effective in your organisation, has built the entering of the service activity by your front line care staff. The staff simply use the smart scheduling calendar to book the participant’s activity and whilst on site they are able to document the session. users have noted a significant time savings as they don’t have to perform these duties back in the office so they get to spend time on work they love doing, such as caring for participants.

The reporting module will process this information to provide organisation’s metrics such as staff productivity reports that can be used for payroll processing and client services rendered. This report module will also extract data required for NDIS bulk claims with a push of a button. The administrator can simply upload this report into the NDIA portal and within 3 business days claim the funds.

Stay tuned for the next instalment on how can assist in client invoicing.

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