New Price Guide comes into effect July 1st

Following an independent review of prices, the NDIA has accepted new pricing recommendations and these will come into effect on 1st of July, 2018.

The changes to pricing affect how providers can claim for travel, group supports, cancellation fees, short-term accommodation, support for overheads when transitioning your business to the NDIS, and the out-of-pocket expenses associated with reporting to NDIA.

While it’s a mixed bag, many of the changes are welcome news for providers and will improve their long-term sustainability.

Access the 201819 Price Guide for providers.

Our friends at Amergin also provide an excellent overview of the changes here.

How does this affect your Services in

The by Pnyx platform will be updated to reflect all new line item rates as per the 201819 Price Guide. The new prices will become available on the platform from July 1st.

If your Service Agreement states that your prices are subject to review/change in July each year or in line with any updates to Price Guide caps set by the NDIA, then you should update the time period for all of your 201718 NDIS line items on to “latest”.

What if your Service Agreement requires that you continue to charge 201718 prices?

In some cases your Service Agreement with a participant may not include a clause that allows you to increase prices in line with the NDIA’s changes.

If some or all of your Services will remain at 201718 Price Guide rates, you don’t need to update anything as services are already on the 201718 period.

If some of your Services also need to be delivered at 201819 rates, you can rename the current line items with ‘17/18’ and create a second ’18/19’ version of the Service that support workers can select from when completing Progress Notes — to ensure the fees are correct.

How to set-up new Services to factor in future price changes?

The NDIA states that it will update its price controls on at least an annual basis. For maximum flexibility, it is advisable to ensure that your Service Agreements state that your prices will change to reflect any NDIS Price Guide changes from 1st July each year.

To make things simpler for our users, when you create a new Service in going forward, you will be able to nominate that your support items relate to the ‘Latest’ time period. By selecting ‘Latest’, your service will always use the most up-to-date prices and will automatically update each year (on July 1st).

| You can now select fixed time periods, or 'latest' which updates annually

If you’re wondering why there is a ‘Latest’ and ‘2018/19’ as separate options—it’s because some providers may wish to develop future Service Agreements with fixed pricing based on the rates set in the 201819 Price Guide (e.g., future agreements will not include a clause stating prices are subject to change depending on NDIA changes).  

When should you update your Services?

It’s important you update Services in a timely fashion so that your team has access to the correct options for charging participants from July 1st and beyond.

We hope this information has been helpful, but feel free to contact our team with any questions you might have.