Pnyx (pronounced “pinix”) is an innovative case management and social collaboration platform specifically developed for Australia’s community, aged care and disability sectors.

“It will transform the way community sector professionals work and communicate and ultimately help deliver improved quality of care. It is, at its core, social technology and the collaboration platform of the future”, says Pnyx founder and former senior IT Enterprise Systems Architect, Juan Pereyra.

An integrated, client-centred Case Management and Social Collaboration platform based in the cloud, Pynx has been developed with the direct participation of carers and incorporates easy-to- use screens and document templates and is readily accessible via smartphones and tablets. Pnyx helps deliver better quality of care, says Pereyra, because “Case Managers, service providers and carers can record, track and share client progress notes, calendars, rosters, information and ideas quickly, and every team member can access it anywhere on a 247 basis and at a very affordable price”. As a business, Pnyx operates as a Social Enterprise. “Our ethos is about enabling community organisations to deliver better services to the most vulnerable in our society” says Pereyra. Pereyra identifies 5 key benefits for Pnyx users: * It enables collaboration at two levels: * Between members of stand-alone organisations * Between groups of organisations.

And, it provides customisable levels of access for different jobs/roles and organisations.

  • It’s secure and completely accessible at anytime from anywhere. As a cloud-based system, there are no information sovereignty or recordkeeping issues.
  • Pnyx complies with Australian privacy and copyright law – the data is stored in Australia and subject to Australian law.
  • Pnyx doesn’t charge licensing fees – volunteers and part-time staff can readily access it
  • And as a Social Enterprise, Pnyx charges are affordable for all users.

A new version of Pnyx (Version 2.0) is currently being rolled out and includes some important new features for community organisations: * Creating and sharing client assessment documents * Shared calendars – with the capacity to view an organisation’s entire appointments * Extracting reports on client activities/outcomes for funding , invoicing or payroll purposes * Creating case timelines – so all key personnel can easily track and monitor case records.

Pnyx is currently being used by a number of healthcare and community service providers. For more information visit