Using, multiple teams can stay up to date on client visits, reducing communication bottlenecks. The service description in your profile is seen by other organisations, and is how your organisation introduces itself to other organisations using This information is also used for reporting purposes.

Set Up Your Organisation

After selecting your Organisation from the listing, or from your Favourites menu, you will see your Organisation’s profile; Organisation profile screen

Click on the blue pencil icon to edit the profile. You should complete all the fields, some important ones are;

  • Organisation Logo: Your organisaiton logo is used everywhere in, uploading it gives a professional look to the organisation.
  • About Us: Enter a paragraph or two in the About Us section - members of other Organisations will be able to see your profile, so make it good!
  • Address Name: You can add multiple addresses for the organisation and name them to differentiate them (Eg, Head office and branch office)
  • Address: uses Google Maps to better locate the address. Click on “Set location” and a enter the address.
  • Non-disclosure Text: Enter the Non-disclosure text you want to appear on all print outs produced for your organisation by

DSS Funded Organisations connects with the DEX (DSS Data Exchance Portal) to generate compliant, automatic DEX reports. This keeps your funding pipeline open, freeing up time to focus on caring for your clients. No other system offers this level of system-to-system integration, so prepare to be blown away!

  1. On your Organisation’s Profile, after clicking the blue edit button, turn the switch under “Funding Organisations” to active.
  2. Enter the “DSS System Account Credentials” and “DSS System Account Password” that were provided to you by the department when the application for your system account was approved. Click on save.
  3. Back on the organisation profile a Synchronise button will appear. This button performs the initial set up, and later when you wish to do a complete synchronisation with the department. Click on it and wait while retrieves all your DSS information for you.

Note the rectangular box on the right of the screen will signal if you are synchronised with DEX.