In recently issued NDIS readiness report by TACSI, Service providers will need to become astute developers and deliverers of new services that are founded on the aspirations of people with disability. To achieve this they need to form tailored individualised care plans rather than treating clients as a homogenous group. For small to medium sized organisations it could require an alignment of staff or an opportunity to collaborate with other service providers to ensure you can deliver it.

One way to scale this is by involving the participant in their own care. To do this effectively, it needs to be on a shared technology platform. Fragmented channels such as phone calls, text messages or email are going to utilise staff time and lead to a dis-satisfied experience for both the staff and the participants.

At, we pride ourselves as a collaboration platform that allows shared access to allow the participant to view information such as documents, calendars and a Facebook type ‘newsfeed’ to keep everyone on the same page. As the TACSI report highlights multiple service providers will need to work together if there are some services that your organisation can not cater for. collaboration platform enables multiple organisations to provide care collaboratively.

Service providers can include increased transparency as a unique value proposition to attract and retain clients as participants are embracing the change to have more choice and control in the outcomes of their lives. Should the key question for your Organisation be what are the participants’ needs, instead of using the traditional model of what do we do? With technology to support this framework it can revolutionise how we approach community care.

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