See how to manage your clients shifts and staff roster from the unified Organisation Calendar. Learn how to pinpoint unallocated appointments and Time and attendance.

Organisation Calendar

The Organisation Calendar is the central place where you can view your staff roster, by selecting the user on by Staff filter. Or you can work on a client’s shift selecting their Circle on by Circle filter.

Reassign appointments when staff calls in sick

When a staff member calls in sick, select her/him clicking on the by Staff filter to see their roster for the day. Then open other tabs on your browser and select other staff members as replacement. The by Staff filter will enable you to check your changes and avoid double bookings.

Pinpoint unallocated appointments on the roster

We all hate it when an angry client calls in because the support worker didn’t show up to the appointment! Well with you just have to keep an eye on the organisation calendar to see if there are any unallocated appointments!

See unallocated appointments on the Roster

Go to your Organisation - Calendar and select show without Staff only

Validate Time & Attendance

Don’t waste your Mondays checking that the troops have entered their hours. With just 1 click you can see what Progress Notes are missing from the roster!

See unrecorded shifts on the Roster

Go to Organisation - Calendar and select without Progress Notes from the filter in the right.

And if you need more help to get your timesheets on time let us know and we will send you our gentle nudger email for you to forward every Friday ;-)