The NDIA is about to put the NDIS to the test with the first significant audit under the new scheme. This is a great opportunity to gauge improvements in the accountability of Providers, and ensure we’re focused on our primary goal: improving the support, input and welfare of Participants.

But with any significant change comes sweeping reforms to procedure and policy. Are you ready for the audit? Will you meet Third Party Verification (TPV) to qualify for NDIA registration? There’s no need to panic. We’ll show you how to ensure you’re meeting the requirements of the new system. If you’re uncertain about any changes to the recording and reporting of services, it’s all mapped out in The NDIS Provider Toolkit which clearly outlines your responsibilities. TPV is an essential part of the Quality Framework Reporting that ensures Providers meet quality safeguards. The relevant section explains that a registered Provider must keep full and accurate accounts and financial records of the support delivered to NDIS Participants, along with records of service agreements. The accounts and financial records must be maintained on a regular basis and in such detail that the NDIA is able to accurately ascertain the quantity, type and duration of support delivered. Once you work your way through the official documentation, the proposition is quite simple for providers – either there’s going to be a significant increase in manual record-keeping, or the addition of software that streamlines processes.

Because the NDIS is focused primarily on the Participant, that’s where we started when developing – a customer management tool customised to not only revolutionise the way Providers support and care for Participants, but also to specifically meet the requirements of the NDIS when it comes time to report. starts with the Participant as the central figure and builds a community of support around them. Invite all stakeholders involved in the care of Participant, create personal plans, communicate by using a social media-style interface, schedule appointments, and meet your legal requirements by accurately recording all activity.

Our tools allow all people involved in the support of a Participant to easily record progress notes with high detail (duration, type and quantity). The intuitive interface is perfect for busy front line care staff, guiding them to make sure all the feedback expected under the new scheme is included. Best of all, makes this process as quick as possible for busy staff, so we can concentrate on the real job of delivering high-quality support. All information can be easily retrieved from the reporting module to allow for quick review of services provided. But is more than a streamlined way of meeting government requirements – it’s a comprehensive customer management tool that provides better communication, transparency, Participant input and staff productivity. When it comes time to perform the audit of TPV, will keep the NDIA very happy but remember that this service offers so much more to help you increase the quality of care and make sure everyone in your circle of care is operating efficiently (with as little paperwork as possible!).

If you’re interested in learning more about, please contact our team to ask a question or organise a free demo.