You’re angelic

I can see your halo. No, really! It takes a special kind of person to survive and thrive in the business world as an NDIS provider.

Here’s the qualities we most admire about you:

1. Unlimited patience

To say the NDIS can be complicated is an understatement. Here’s a few more when it comes to providing a service under the NDIS:

  • Sometimes, the information that’s supposed to guide you will actually confuse you
  • You won’t always get the correct advice from people running the scheme
  • You won’t always get the information and answers you need in a timely fashion.

While some people say that patience is just a slower way to get angry—it’s better for your blood pressure (so keep it up).

| Have you seen my patience?

2. Dog-with-a-bone mentality

Even though it can be confusing, and it may test all of your knowledge and limits, you just keep going:

  • You keep jumping through the regulatory hoops that are put in front of you
  • You adjust to changes like they’re second nature
  • You find ingenious ways to get to the bottom of issues and help your clients
  • You find the resources you need to run a business, pay employees and remain profitable.

You laugh in the face of obstacles (sometimes a bit too maniacally, but still).

3. Unbridled curiosity

You’re always asking ‘why?’ (or sometimes, screaming it internally).

Jokes aside, you’re not afraid to admit you don’t have all the answers, and you genuinely want to find the best way forward. Because even though it can also be the bane of your existence, you want the NDIS to be a success. So you:

  • Ask questions, and for help and advice to fill gaps in your knowledge
  • Learn as much as you can about the scheme, your market and your clients
  • Step out of your comfort zone, explore new ideas, take risks and grow.

4. Unrivalled Resilience

It’s not that you’re invulnerable to bad things.

It’s that you bounce back, like you were wearing springs on your shoes.

Maybe it requires a very long and exhaustive vent, cry or meltdown first. But eventually you accept, adapt and strengthen your resolve.

| What doesn't kill you...

5. Boundless Compassion

Have you ever really suffered if you haven’t spent several hours fruitlessly navigating the NDIS website, or an entire day unsuccessfully trying to login to PRODA?

Despite your own struggles, you still care about others.

It’s one thing to make an effort to understand how others feel. You actually use that knowledge to show you care by offering genuine assistance and kindness.

You want the NDIS to succeed, you want your clients to succeed and receive the best quality care, you want to cultivate a caring and professional workplace.

5. How to remain saintly? Remember your WHY.

Ok, so maybe you’re not always an angel. As an NDIS provider, your work can be challenging—it requires a lot of your time and skill, as well as your physical and emotional energy.

But you chose this field of work and business for a reason. Reflect back on that. Maybe print out your ‘why’ and hang it above your desk so it’s always there as a reminder.

Take time to be grateful for the aspects of your day that bring you satisfaction and joy. Also, take time for self-care and step away from business problems when you can.

And if you feel like you can’t make the time, investigate ways to improve your efficiency (processes, systems, supports)—because you can’t be an excellent NDIS provider if you lose sight of your own needs (however virtuous you may be!). by Pnyx is designed to make life easier for community care organisations, so you can focus on what you do best. Learn more about our product features.