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What is NDIS Policies and Procedures?

What is NDIS Policies and Procedures?

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What is NDIS Policies and Procedures?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) aims to support Australians with disabilities. Central to its success is the requirement for NDIS providers to follow and adhere to the NDIS Practice Standards. These are the expectations the NDIS Quality and Safety Commission has to ensure that participants receive consistent, quality, and fair support. To demonstrate how a provider meets these Standards, they need to have in place documented policies and procedures that their staff understand and follow.

This blog focuses on two key elements of the NDIS registration process: certification and verification. These policies and procedures are crucial for steps 1 and 3 of the NDIS registration process. 

If you don't know about the NDIS registration process, below is the summary of the process:

  • STEP 1: Start and submit a new application on the Application Portal
  • STEP 2: Select an approved quality auditor
  • STEP 3: Undergo an audit
  • STEP 4: The NDIS Commission assesses your application and makes a decision
  • STEP 5: Receive your application outcome

When Will You Need NDIS Policies and Procedures?

Once your online application is submitted (step 1), the NDIS Commission will send you an 'initial scope of audit' document via email. This document is crucial as it outlines whether your organisation is required to undergo a 'verification' or 'certification' audit. 

It also specifies the information that you need to share with your chosen approved quality auditor. As the applicant, it's your responsibility to engage with an approved quality auditor to conduct the necessary audit. 

This is a critical step where your NDIS policies and procedures will be closely examined to ensure they meet the NDIS Practice Standards.

NDIS Certification Policies and Procedures

NDIS certification is for providers delivering complex or higher-risk supports and services to NDIS participants. Its goal is to ensure that service providers meet the NDIS Practice Standards, delivering high-quality services to participants.

The process assesses providers against the NDIS Practice Standards, which include a core module and any relevant supplementary modules tied to the specific types of support delivered. The certification audit examines several key areas:

  • Risk Management: Evaluating the provider's processes for identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks.
  • Delivery of Supports: Assessing the quality and effectiveness of the support provided to participants.
  • Delivery Environment: Ensuring the environment in which services are delivered is safe and conducive to participant needs.
  • Governance and Operational Management: Reviewing the provider's governance structures and operational management to ensure effective oversight and quality service delivery.

The core services that need NDIS Certification Policies and Procedures are:

  • Development of Daily Living and Life Skills
  • Daily Personal Activities
  • Group and Centre-Based Activities
  • Supported Independent Living / Short/Medium Term Accommodation
  • Participation in Community, Social and Civic Activities
  • Support Coordination (including Specialist)
  • Assistance to Access and Maintain Employment or Higher Education
  • Specialised Supported Employment
  • Specialist Disability Accommodation
  • Early Childhood Supports
  • Implementing Behaviour Supports
  • Specialist Positive Behaviour Support
  • High-Intensity Daily Personal Activities

NDIS Verification Policies and Procedures

NDIS verification is for providers delivering low-risk support and services to NDIS participants. Providers subject to verification often deliver services that do not require intensive examination like the certification process. 

Many of these providers are already under professional regulation by bodies such as the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). 

The verification process requires providers to submit evidence related to several areas:

  • Relevant qualifications: Evidence of educational and professional qualifications that demonstrate the provider's capability and competency in their field of service.
  • Expertise and experience: Documentation or records that showcase the provider's practical experience and proficiency in delivering the types of supports and services they offer.
  • Incident management processes/policies: details of the provider's procedures and protocols for identifying, reporting, managing, and resolving incidents.
  • Complaints management processes/policies: Information on the provider's approach to handling complaints
  • Risk management processes/policies: Documentation outlining the provider's strategies for identifying, assessing, and managing risks associated with the delivery of supports and services.

The core services that need NDIS verification policies and procedures are:

  • Household Tasks
  • Specialised Driver Training
  • Custom Prostheses and Orthoses (Custom Prosthetics)
  • Exercise Physiology & Personal Well-being Activities
  • Vehicle Modifications
  • Assistance with Travel/Transport Arrangements
  • Assistive Technology and Equipment
  • Community Nursing Care
  • Therapeutic Supports
  • Home Modifications
  • Plan Management
  • Assistance Animals

These providers do not undergo the same level of detailed audit as those in the certification pathway but must still demonstrate compliance with relevant NDIS Practice Standards through documented policies and procedures.

Get Tailored NDIS Policies and Procedures Effortlessly.

NDIS Provider Registration can be a costly, complex, and time-consuming process. That's why we've partnered with Provider Institute of Australia to offer you a Fully Managed Policies and Procedures solution for your NDIS Provider Registration, Renewal, or Documentation Update needs.

Through this done for you solution, you can:

  • Get customised NDIS policies and procedures that match your organisational structure, services, and client demographics.
  • Manage all of your NDIS policies and procedures in one single view.
  • Unlimited user access for your organisation.
  • Enjoy automatic updates to your NDIS policies and procedures in response to compliance changes or as needed.
  • Get support from a team of experienced NDIS consultants for audit assistance or technical support.

We're offering the Verification Package and the Certification Package, based on your service's risk level.

To learn more details about the pricing, process and type of documents that we support, we encourage you to visit our web page.

If you like to see this new feature in action, we encourage you to book a demo with us now.

What is NDIS Policies and Procedures?
What is NDIS Policies and Procedures?
What is NDIS Policies and Procedures? Team is a comprehensive platform designed to seamlessly streamline care management, invoicing, rostering, and compliance process. offers a unified platform for organisations to collaborate with other care institutions and manage care for the elderly, people with disabilities, along with their families and friends.

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