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Manage Client Info


  • Manage your organisation’s profile and services
  • Add unlimited users and manage permissions
  • Create unlimited participant profiles (Circles of Care)
  • Create a roadmap of support
  • Schedule appointments on a calendar
  • Add documents to participant circle of support -(excluding Progress Notes)
  • Invite others to collaborate on a participant's care*
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  • All FREE features, plus
  • Create Progress Notes to track service delivery (billable hours)
  • Create invoices & statements detailing services delivered
  • Export NDIS Bulk Upload file
  • Extract reports for Xero Invoices and Payroll
  • Create templates for organisational documents
  • Manage Roster
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/*provided you have consent from the client

/Prices not inclusive of GST

Funded by the Department of Social Services

Automate Reporting to Data Exchange can be set up to help aged care organisations integrate their care management records with the Department of Social Services (DSS) Data Exchange for easier reporting.

DSS Interface

$1 Per DEX Session sent to DSS

  • Avoid missing DEX submission dates for your CHSP funded services.
Only get charge when you track billable hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Circle of Care is the place where you will find everything related to a participant (your Client). There is one Circle for each Client, within which you and other users will find the latest events, appointments, documents and services provided
When you record a service delivered (aka create Progress Note) that circle is considered active for the calendar month. Subsequent Progress Notes are covered for the rest of the month. If your organisation didn't create a Progress Note within a particular month, you won’t be charged for that circle of care.
Payment is via credit card, we can provide you with an invoice. Once you have paid for the credits, you will then have access to functions in
Yes, we are able offer discounted annual plans as we understand some organisations receive annual funding. Talk to us for an estimate of the annual costs of using
Yes, if your organisation coordinates care for a high volume of clients every month, talk to us about negotiating a volume discount. This may be dependent on your willingness to purchase credits in bulk and meet minimum agreed usage limits.
We’re experts in developing software; our scope and our skill enables us to scale our system at a very low cost. Because we are a social enterprise our ability to be efficient amounts to savings for our users!
Yes, you may find that you want to take advantage of the collaborative features of in addition to other systems. It is important that is populated with information about your services, fees, client’s treatment plans and profile information.
Event better than a trial, offers a free service that enables your organisation to manage your client and service information in a secure, cloud-based platform. Creating client profiles, documenting your services and delivery fees, scheduling appointments and collaborating with your team on care is all free.
That is easy, just buy credits online with your credit card and then you’ll have access to features such as tracking billable hours (creating Progress Notes), reporting and creating invoices and statements.
NO. complies with Australian Privacy laws which only provides access to your records with your Client’s consent.
Volunteers, independent care providers, carers, doctors and others can be invited by an organisation to access a client profile—provided that client has provided permission. The organisation that created the Circle of Care will assign you a role and invite you. Once invited, you can create a free account in and access the profile.
Yes, you have complete control over your staff’s access and information.
Yes, we also offer Onboarding Program, which is designed to get your organisation quickly ready for business. Contact us for more information and pricing.

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