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Staff Rostering

Staff Rostering

This one-on-one or group training session will guide you to create rosters with single or multiple appointments for your clients and assign the correct attendees. We'll share tips and tricks on validating staff availability while creating appointments and checking the staff hours. Understand how to use multiple calendars in by accessing, sharing and notifying staff of their assigned appointments/rosters.

Session content:

✔ Explore and understand all's calendars (based on your plan)

✔ Create rosters for individual clients from their calendars assigning the correct staff/attendee

✔ Adding transport line items to document mileages

✔ Validate staff hours while booking appointments

✔ Check staff availability

What you will need for the session:

✔ At least four Circles of Care created in  

✔ Organisation Services with all line items created in  

✔ Your client's roadmaps already added in the Circles of Care  

Resources you get:

✔ tutorials on tips and tricks to create single and multiple appointments for your clients  


For this training session, the services, clients and staff should already be created in If not, you might be advised to purchase Users and client setup first.

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